A&T students create 106 & Aggies to showcase Black Talent


The creators of 106 & Aggie.


For years, the JOMC department here at N.C. A&T has been news-oriented and didn’t have much of an entertainment platform for students to tune into. 

Three N.C. A&T students came up with the idea of  “106 & Aggies,” to give students a place to show off their arts and listen in on a relatable conversation about life issues young adults deal with on a daily basis.

This idea originated from the classic BET show 106 & Park, an American hip-hop and R&B music video show that ranked in the top 10 videos currently charting.


珍妮弗·米(@jennifer_rice) is a junior journalism student here at N.C. A&T and serves as the hostess of the show. As an aspiring host/ multimedia personality and reporter, this opportunity only adds to her impressive resume. 

“As a community, we should support platforms and arts or otherwise they die,” said Rice. “Greensboro is not a big city so creating this space for local viewers to tune into and hear great music and amazing dialogue is what separates 106 & Aggies from other shows because at the end of the day we want to relate to the people,”

jakobi约翰逊(@lostprxphet), junior mass communications student, serves as the DJ and host of 106 & Aggies. Aside from being a student at N.C. A&T, Jakobi is a music producer and radio personality for the campus radio station WNAA 90.1. 


“我想展现给有物质,”赖斯说。 “jakobi的音乐背景和詹姆斯的社交媒体影响力使他们既美妙的候选人,以帮助我创建这个和化学就是惊人的。它的音乐和新闻两件事情我享受的完美结合。” 



106 & Aggies plans on returning next semester in Spring 2021, with episodes releasing on a once or twice a month basis. Be on the lookout!